Extension Activity - Mask making Workshop

The students of the COSD Theatre Studies and Theatrical Society of the IIS University organized a Mask Making Workshop on 27th February, 2019 at the Haziawala Government School in Mansarovar, under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Aditi R. Khandelwal and Mr. Lohit Pareek.

It was a group of 14 students who participated in the activity. The activity started with the students interacting with the various students of the school.

The students from the school were taught about the masks and the various theatrical uses of it. It was designed to increase their creative thinking and to teach them the importance of extra-curricular learning while having fun at the same time.

The group of students from the school included some students from classes 4th and 5th like Ruksar Bano, Sikandar Khan, Kajal Mahavar, Priya Mahavar, Sameer Khan, and Shabana Bano as well as some really young charges from classes 1st and 2nd like Reefat Bano, Sumera and Sameer who showed much excitement and initiative at the prospect of learning something new under the watchful eye of the Principal ma’am Dr. Suman Vist.

The procedure included the use of POP bandages to be used as the base of the mask. The props used were POP bandages, Vaseline to be applied on the faces to aid the removal of the mask, a plastic bag and some paint and fancy glitters and stickers to enhance the attractiveness of the masks.

The students each were assigned two children, one whose face was used as the base for the mask and the other to help with the building process. It was a fun filled activity that kept all the students busy and concentrated. Once the masks had sufficiently dried up, all the students worked at painting and decorating them with various colors, designs and ideas with some sticking to paint and stickers while some taking advantage of the environment used leaves, grass, mud etc.

The students and teachers from the college were enthused to work with such a young group of volunteers.