On 24th February 2019 Sunday, Thespo a youth theatre movement in collaboration with Drama School Mumbai and IISU Theatrical Society held Natyakala acting workshop by Niketan Sharma in The IIS University. The students from all over the city were invited to register and participate in the same. They learned the dynamics of body movements and other basics of theatre along with stage presence and working in an ensemble by a theatre professional himself.

The workshop was four hours long and was filled with many exercises and workouts to enhance one's skills. There were boys and girls, not only the school and college students, but all aged theatre enthusiasts as participants. A variety of activities were held under the supervision of Mr. Niketan which not only helped the participants to learn more but were equally enjoyable. By the end of the workshop, the participants were asked to fill a feedback form. The workshop ended with an on the spot interpersonal feedback session including the instructor. Soon everyone was escorted out.