Nukkad Natak Screening of ‘Meri Marzi’ based on Marital Rape

We live in a world, where every second person is talking about Equality, Women rights, Gender discrimination and no wonder there are many campaigns running succesfully for the same. If a woman is considered any less because of her Gender at her work, thats condesired wrong, If a woman is mistreated in her Educational Institute thats taken under consideration by the Authority. But When a woman is mistreated in her marriage by her own Husband and If She raises a voice against that, Then the woman is not the "Victim but the destroyer of her marriage." Because apparently her husband has all the rights on her life, actions and her body! (according to the society) There are a number of such harrasment cases which are not even considered just because the crime here is done by her husband. The students of IISU Theatrical Society contributed their bit in order to raise voice for those, whose voices are either unheard, ignored por suppresed. "Meri Marzi" is one of the "Street-Play" written and executed by the students of IISU Theatrical Society which spreads awareness about "Marital Sexual & Physical Harassment." Due to Covid-19 spread, The students couldn't re perform the Nukkad Naatak on Campus. However The IISU Theatrical Society organised a screening of "Meri Marzi" on Microsoft Teams on 9th November 2020(12:00-12:15), which was no less fun then to watch Nukkad Natak live. And the event went well. Students responded how they enjoyed the screening.

"Criminal is a criminal, even if he's a husband. Victim is a victim even if she's a wife

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