Online fun filled session based on ‘Theatre Activities’

IISU Theatrical Society organized an online fun filled session based on ‘Theatre Activities’ on June 7th, 2021.  Life is unpredictable…as we all know by now. But there is one thing that will never change – Our love for our seniors. And this virtual meet organized by the juniors of the IISU Theatrical society was just a small gesture to express that love and celebrate it. The retro themed event was packed with wholesome commentary, evergreen old Hindi songs, laughs, tears, memories, fun interactions and of course beautifully dressed ladies! The event began with a candle light ceremony after which Aditi ma’am- the backbone of the society, said a few words thanking our seniors for always being there for the society and playing a crucial part in its progress. A video presentation of their journey was shown where we all went down a bittersweet memory lane… Happy that we got to share those moments with our seniors and sad that now they will soon pass out college. It was followed by an Award show where we awarded seniors with various titles that matched their unique personalities. Then it was time for games! Everything until here was sunshine and flowers ..but when a special message from our super-seniors (basically seniors’ seniors) was given, we couldn’t help but cry a tear or a hundred and feel our hearts brim with nostalgia and sadness that a crucial part of the society is going to bid us juniors a goodbye. Though it never will be a goodbye as our lovely seniors would always be a part of our lives and we a part of theirs.Number of participants was 30.