Screening of Serenity- A Play by COSD(Theatre) Students

In these difficult times where meeting someone has become nearly impossible The IISU Theatrical Society organised a screening to address people as to what problems people face in their daily lives in today’s world of socializing. The screening of the play “Serenity” was done on 11th November 2020 from 9:30-10:30 using Microsoft Teams as a platform. The event started with a brief introduction of the play and what it depicts which was immediately followed by its screening.

This play was performed by COSD (Theatre) students which depicts the hardships of daily life, how we have become so busy and occupied in going ahead, “running in a rat race”, socializing and creating a social status for ourselves that we have forgotten to appreciate the small and beautiful moments of life. Going to parties, hanging out with friends has become a part of our daily lives. The play ends with characters writing letters to their families about how happy and easy their childhoods were and that how hard it is to find a spot for themselves in this “rat race”. The whole was a mime in which there were absolutely no dialogues, all the actors portrayed their characters with diligence.Here were around 104 viewers, everybody understood the concept of the play and seemed to enjoy it. The event went smoothly with no technical glitches. To memorize the events screenshots were taken.