Solo skit ‘ Enigma’

The students of COSD Diploma Theatre Studies presented their solo productions on the last academic day of the year 2020-21. IISU Theatrical Society in association with COSD Theatre Studies organized Solo skit ‘ Pause – Replay (Life Goes On)’ on June 18, 2021 at 3:20 PM. Student of COSD Diploma Theatre Studies Ms. IshaSaxena performed the first solo. The second screening was of Pause-Replay by NiharikaChoulda. The third screening was Enigma by Mansi Bansal. A documentary of the mystic, Lal Ded, a poetess of Kashmir that existed in the 13th century. The play in all its glory and serenity, took us through the journey of this mystic, her ambitions and society’s pushback on her. Enigma was for the audience to venture into a new world, into the unknown and guide us into the realms of the undiscovered.All these plays were curated under the guidance of Ms. MumalTanwar, the professor of COSD Diploma Theatre Studies. She taught the students methods of observation, documentation and storytelling with respect to theatre. In a challenging year, an additional knowledge of cinema and videography was also given to the students.All in all, it was a marvellous end to a year so full of ups and downs.