‘Costume Walk’ – An Exhibition to display the different types of Costumes

Start Date: 
Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Start Time: 
10:00 am
Aditya Hall

The IISU Theatrical Society organized a costume exhibition on 9thand 10th March 2021.The exhibition displayed costumes from all the plays that have been performed at the university in the past years including Saleeb, RustomO Sohrab and many more. The Chief guest for the event was Sir.

All the costumes were hung in a corner on boards and hangers dedicated to the specific play it belonged from. The corners dedicated to all the respective plays had detailed information with the pictures and costumes from the play, which gave the viewers an insight of the play. It helped them understand why that certain play had such vibrant colour costumes or what was the intention behind choosing subtle colours for the costumes, what was that play about, when was it written and so on. How did they decide the texture, what was the process of designing, colour psychology and so forth.

The Exhibition was also attended by the Alumni students, who shared their experiences while designing the costumes and gave an insight on designing clothes according to the character, buying material as well as taking care of the budget at the same time and why it is important.

The event lasted for 2 days and was attended by 128 students from the university. To make the event more interactive, the students had a few energizers and a question answer round where they asked questions to the alumnae related to designing costumes. The Students also filled their feedbacks at the end of the event about their views about the exhibition.