Awareness on the Occasion of World Mental Health Day

Start Date: 
Saturday, October 10, 2020
Start Time: 
02:00 pm

The Corona virus outbreak, Lockdown or any drastic situation. nothing can stop the students of IISU Theatrical Society to make an important day count as important. October 10, a day marked as World Mental Heath Day. Where half of the people didn't even know about it, the students of IISU theatrical Society treated it as an extremely crucial and important day. In spite of the boundary walls created because of Corona Virus Outbreak, The students contributed in the effort by sitting in the warmth & safety of their isolated homes. Students created a Video which talked about the Importance of Mental Health, enlightened everyone with the various facts which included the disturbing increasing ratio of people affected by it. 12 students had participated in the videos Not only this, the video did educate everyone about "How to behave, how to handle the situation, What and what not to do with people affected from Depression, anxiety & etc." The students didn't just mention the problem but they did give a numerous solutions for the same.The Video was uploaded on the Instagram Handle of IISU THEATRICAL SOCIETY, and was a big hit.