Interactive Webinar on “How Story Telling in the times of Social Media Shaping our Reality”.

Start Date: 
Friday, May 28, 2021
Start Time: 
03:00 pm

IISU Theatrical Society organized a chat session on “How Storytelling in the times of Social Media is shaping our reality” with Ms. Anubha Kahnelwal.  She is a Digital Marketer and Art Enthsiast, along with being Ex- president of the IISU Theatrical Societ. She is working in social media industry as Content Marketer for around 2 years now. She is an inquisitive in nature who loves to look out for new things happening in the world. Through the session, Ms. Anubha informed us about the pros and cons of social media. She also told us about how social media should be operated and enlightened us about the correct reasons to use social media. Later, there was a very informative interactive session where students asked their queries regarding usage of social media. Overall, the session was very knowledge and students learnt a lot from this session.