Mime show

Start Date: 
Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Start Time: 
12:15 am

The Theatrical Society and the NSS Group of the IIS University collaborated on March 24,2021 to perform a Mime show. 

Mime is an art of portraying a character, mood,idea or narration by gestures and bodily movements. A total of 5 students performed in the show: Garima Israni, Mili Sharma, Sanjana Gaur, Bhavya Gulati and Komal Tiwari. The show started with a light dance performance after which participants depicted various themes with their brilliant dramatic gestures and body movements.

Following this, the students of NCC and NSS performed a silent rally in the college campus owing to Martyr’s Day. The efforts put by participants helped the audience to acknowledge the sanctity of the occasion. In a span of a few minutes, spectators were enthralled by each well executed performance. Overall, it was a great show of innovation, presentation and expression