Monologue Competition

Start Date: 
Saturday, March 27, 2021
Start Time: 
12:15 pm
Aaditya Hall,

Theatre shows society its flaws and strives to find solutions. It brings people together as an ever-growing, compassionate community. 27th March marked as World Theatre Day inspired by which, the IISU Theatrical society organized Monologue competition. In this, each participant was required to address a speech to the audience, playinganycharacter for about 5 minutes.  The characters ranged from a lazy tailor, a boy expressing restraints faced by males to mythological characters like Gandhari and Draupadi. The contestants beautifully explored the concepts, emotions and situations and presented them with utmost confidence.

This head to head competition was judged by our alumniMs. Mansi Aggarwal and Ms. Urvashi Bidawat. Both have contributed a lot to the theatrical society by devoting most of their college life to stageplays, nukkads and other events associated with theatre. Observing such great performances, it took time to decide the results. As the results were about to be announced, both the alumni added on tho the beauty of event with their experiences and reflections of acting learnings. The results were as follows: Mansi Chaudhary and Diya Joshi bagged 1st position followed by SejalKumari, DeekshaGyanchandani on 2nd, andChahatSain, NishthaLata on 3rd position.

Kudos to the winners as well as other participants that made the event a success along with such a supportive audience. Not to forget, the tags of world's theatre day were put on students and faculty members' uniform to showcase and reflect the unity within art.At the end, it was time to capture few moments with the beloved alumni, winners, participants, and faculty members.