Online Teacher’s Day Celebration

Start Date: 
Saturday, September 5, 2020
Start Time: 
02:00 pm

Date :  5th September 2020                           Time:2 PM-3PM     

Platform : Microsoft Teams                     No. of student participants : 19 Students

Among all the odds of Corona Virus, students of The IISU Theatrical Society did not let Teacher’s Day pass just like that. The Society organised 2 videos for all the staff members of the University, Theatre staff and every Guru around the world. The main aim was to express how grateful we all are for each one of them.

Students gathered and decided on what to do, as the idea came up of a video that could be emotional, touching, interactive yet simple and easy to implement, students started working on it. There were total 2 videos, one where we thanked all teachers in the world for making us who we are, for innumerable things we can’t remember. The other video was specially made for only Theatre staff, where the students openly showed love, care and emotions for them. The video was filled with moments spent with the teachers, those remarkable photos, unforgettable times and of course, our unfiltered emotions. Special editing effects and music added on to the over all video impact. 19 students had participated in the videos.
Over all, the videos came out to be amazing, heart touching and emotional. All the teachers loved it, and that made our day. The videos were posted on the Instagram page of IISU Theatrical Society. At the end, the reactions of teachers were enough for us to feel motivated, inspired and accomplished.