Orientation of the IISU Theatrical Society 2020

Start Date: 
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Start Time: 
04:00 pm

While the whole world is collapsed due to COVID-19,  The IISU Theatrical Society made an effort to welcome juniors in an interactive manner. An Orientation was organised on 14 October, 2020 at 4 pm on Microsoft Teams. The event started off and audience rushed like a magic show, there were  127 participants in the meeting who attended the orientation.

In the beginning, there was a small ice-breaker round, where games like "guess the movie and dialogue", "complete the dialogue", "theatre quiz" significantly uplifted the whole environment and generated enthusiasm within the students. Each answer was followed by the introduction of the respondent, which gave everyone a chance to know each other better. After the game, a small power point presentation was shown to the students by Dr. Aditi R. Khandelwal ma’am. The ppt was a beautiful glimpse of our journey till now, highs and lows, memories and many more. It was only after the ppt, that students could better understand what the society is about and how we work. Following the ppt, a SKIT video was shown to the fresher’s. The SKIT had been prepared by all seniors thoroughly at home, without meeting or getting in contact of anyone. It was solely the hard work of all students, magic of editing and musical addition, that the SKIT looked perfect, to ensure everyone enjoys and laughs hard and everyone definitely did. The SKIT was about what actually happens after the so called love stories we have seen, it was a mixture of drama, fun and romanticism presented in a modern manner through realistic medium. After the SKIT, there was an interactive session organised in order to answer all questions, doubts and queries of the juniors.  
As the event ended, a feedback form was given to the students to briefly explain how there experience had been throughout the event. Although, we could not have real photographs like always, we managed to take screenshots to always remember and cherish how these small things made us laugh in the hard times.