Play ‘Rashmirathi '

Start Date: 
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Start Time: 
03:00 pm

The IISU Theatrical Society in association with theatre group Rang Mastaaney organised a scheduled zoom meeting to showcase the recorded play "Rashmirathi" virtually. Rashmirathi is a hindi poetic play written by Shree Ramdhari Singh Dinkar which revolves around the story of Mahabharat character "Karn". Born as a son of Sun God, Karn is raised by family of charioteer. Later on his destiny makes him friend of Duryodhan that makes him fight his own brothers in the war of Mahabharat. Being from the 4th cast, Karn had to face a lot of difficulties given to him by the society and kingdom. Rashmirathi involves important chapters of his life with life lessons on dharma, war, inequality, teaching, manipulation, guilt, etc. The Poetic Hindi text by Shree Ramdhari Singh Dinkar makes it even more beautiful.

3 out of total 7 sargs were shown in the meeting. 1st sarg revolved around the introduction of Karn in Hastinapur, 3rd sarg showcased Krishna Chetawani and talk between Lord Krishna and Karn. 7th sarg revolved around the death of Karn and the talk of Dharm. All the actors were in neutral white costumes and no props were used except one yellow cloth. Live music, wonderful choreography, gripping performances and creative use of lights made the performance an unforgettable one.