Reels Competition

Start Date: 
Saturday, February 5, 2022
Start Time: 
09:00 am


Reels Competition 2021-22 Rules

This competition is based on the general format of Reels uploaded on Instagram. The participants are required to make a video of not more than one minute and upload on the given mail id .

Time limit : 1 minute

Team size : Individual (1Person)

Venue : Online

Language : English/Hindi/ Mix

Topics/Theme : Bollywood characters, Mythological Characters, Patriotism, and extracts from famous plays.


- The participant can make use of the prop, makeup, music as per the requirement of the act.

- Explicit, abusive or vulgar content will not be allowed.

- Participants should try to think innovatively.

- Judgment of the act would be on the basis of overall performance and use of makeup and costume.

- Participants are required to name their file on their own name and while mailing the subject should be name of the event i.e. Reels 2021-22

- All participants are required to fill a registration form on the link given below

- Participants are required to record the act and mail it on the given e-mail id by 3 Feb, 2022


Contact Person Dr. Neha Baid 9116006316, Dr. Vaishali Gupta  8003695683