A talk show on on the topic ‘Children Theatre’

Start Date: 
Thursday, December 31, 2020
Start Time: 
03:00 pm

Objective of the Talk :  Ms.Babita Madaan has seen 25 years of theatre, she has seen theatre without technology and theatre with technology and she has been actively working in theatre from last 25 years so. This talk was designed to give an insight of Theatre’s past and present to students.


Overall Report of the activity : IISU Theatrical Society, COSD Theatre studies, ICG-IISU Alumnae Association - Bandhan and Rotary Club Jaipur- Gurukul are organising 4 days talk series on Theatre. This talk session was the Final session of this series started with the welcome note by Ms. Aditi Khandelwal and further moderated by Ms.Divya Bhomia, Alumni of IISU. Ms.Babita Madaan is a children theatre facilitator, Theatre teacher, Theatre manager and Actress. After the Introduction, Ms. Divya started moderating the session, she herself was curious to know 25 years of Theatre so are the students. Ms.Babita Madaan shared that she was in a dance group and she didn’t know about theatre and once she got an offer to work with a senior eminent theatre director of Rajasthan, Late Mr. S.Vasudev singh ji and she immediately said  yes and that’s how her Voyage in theatre started. This was the time of theatre when there were less females in this domain but Ms.Babita Madaan made her place in Theatre and tried to make safe spaces for other girls in art. At this point of conversation she took some time to appreciate IISU for having an active theatrical society and Certificate and Diploma courses in theatre for girls.

She said IISU has been doing an amazing work to inspire girls. Further she continued by saying that earlier it was difficult to think of financial stability in Theatre but Now there are so many repertory,  professional theatre groups where one can work full time. She nearly cried while sharing her Journey with the students. She told students how theatre helps in understanding emotions, understanding life situations and our own reactions. When Ms. Divya asked her about the changing scenario of theatre, she said earlier they didn’t have technology and now everything that we want to know about world theatre is just one click away.At the end there were a Q&A session in which students asked their questions to Ms.Babita Madaan and She replied each one of them patiently. Ms.Aditi Khandelwal said Thanks to Ms.Babita Madaan for sharing her personal experiences with students.

Outcome : Theatre has changed a lot in all these years but the essence is still same, it is important to learn and walk with changing scenario but the ultimate objective of art is same to help in expression and to make better society.