A Three Day Mime workshop

Start Date: 
Thursday, February 18, 2021
Start Time: 
(All day)

In the times today virtual platforms have become the new reality. Although it was tough to teach things on this online platform but still participants were able to make the best out of the workshop. The workshop started with welcoming The esteemed guest Mr. Puneet Kumar Mishra who is a renowned actor, director and a mime artist from Mumbai, he’s known for his extraordinary mime skills and understanding of the situations and many other things. The Glimpses of the workshop are as follows.


Day 1

Students were made to understand what mime is and how it can be used in depicting different situations in our daily lives as well. Participants were made to understand the difference between gestures and postures. Some fun activities were also performed to energize everyone.

Day 2

Participants were taught about different movements used in mime, such as walking, running and object use. They were asked to practice the moves practically and were asked to perform those movements and were assessed on its basis. They were worked upon very finely and the details of their movements were corrected by the resource person. It helped students to get an overview of different angles and actions that can be used while performing mime.

Day 3

On the last day of the workshop other details about a mime act like expressions, strength, stress on different levels and body parts were taught to the students. Participants were made to act upon different situations and use all the techniques that were taught during the workshop. The workshop ended on a very happy note, participants were able to learn many new things and seemed to enjoy the workshop with full energy and enthusiasm. The workshop helped them to learn about mime from a very brief to very fine detailing. They learned techniques and different actions and movements used in mime. Screenshots were taken to commemorate the event and to keep memories.